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Sound Reception System

  • Active noise cancelling and tone detection based on DSP technology.
  • Dimmer and adjustable backlight.
  • Sector indication by use of 8 LEDs.
  • Central microphone unit with 4 directional microphones for mounting on top of the wheelhouse.
  • Web interface for system operation.
  • Output for voyage data recorder.
  • Remote muting when typhoon / foghorn is activated.
  • Override function to hear the unfiltered sound from the microphone unit.
  • Able to connect up to 4 slave panels.
  • The VSS-V2 system is tested according to IEC 60945, and is type approved by DNV and CCS.


Sound Reception System
  • The Sound Reception (VSS) system is a navigation aid system required on ships with enclosed bridges. The system enables the officer in charge of the navigational watch to hear sound signals and determine their direction. The system conforms to the SOLAS regulation HSC Code, ISO 1459 and DNV 2012 rules.
  • To improve operation and detection of sound signals, the VINGTOR VSS system utilizes DSP technology. The DSP (Digital Signal Processor) provides active noise cancellation to remove background noises in order to hear external noise signals better and to remove unwanted noise from the bridge.
  • The VSS system is easy to install. The system consists of one microphone unit with four integrated directional microphones for mounting on top of the wheelhouse. The VSS main panel is installed on the bridge. The bridge main panel interfaces with up to four slave panels, the Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) and a relay output for muting the typhoon / foghorn.

Hospital & Refrigerator System

  • This Hospital and Refrigerator Alarm System, SCAS, is an alarm system that enables a person trapped in a refrigeration room or lying in a hospital bed to call for help from the bridge and/or galley. The system is designed to meet the classification society requirements.
  • When an alarm is activated, an indication LED on the panel will light up. An extra lamp (optional) outside the actual room will also light up. At the same time, the alarm light on the galley and/or bridge unit will flash and the buzzer will sound. The buzzer can be muted for 3 minutes. However, the alarm can only be reset on the hospital or refrigeration room unit depending on which alarm has been activated.
Hospital & Refrigerator System
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