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Talk – Back Systems

  • Command Talk-Back.
  • Dimmable call light.
  • 5 or 10 line selection.
  • Step volume control.
  • All Call.
  • Output for extra signal device – all lines.
  • Handheld or gooseneck microphone.
  • Output for parallel microphone and loudspeaker.
  • Handsfree operation with foot switch.
  • Console or wall mounting.
  • Power: 22-32V DC.
  • Audio input from external system (ETB-10A and ETB-100A).
  • Public Adress 100V line power amplifier (ETB-100 / ETB-100A).
  • Talk-Back system is tested according to IEC 60945, and is type approved by DNV, RMRS, CCS and RRR.
Talk Back System


ETB Talk-back System

ETB Talk Back System

  • The ETB-5 & ETB-10/ETB-10A is a Command Talk-Back system with 5 or 10 lines while the ETB-100/ETB-100A is a Command Talk-Back & Public Address system with 10 lines. The ETB-100A can also be used as an emergency Public Address system.
  • The system comprises a central unit and a comprehensive range of substations and other field equipment for use indoors, outdoors, and in noisy areas on marine vessels. Physical dimensions of the units are based on the Euro DIN standard and are integrated seamlessly into bridge solutions.

CTB Talk-back System

  • The CTB & CTB-100 Talk-Back system is a command communication system based on one operator unit/panel and a wide range of substations for marine environments. The CTB-100 system supports public address using power amplifiers and 100V loudspeakers. The system is typically used to co-ordinate activities in a work group – the main stations can hear all conversations.
  • The CTB systems are based on one central unit, up to 4 main operator panels (It includes loud-hailing and 100V power amplifier in addition) and a wide range of substations made for marine environments. Operator panels are nominated as master or sub-master by setting in the CU central unit.
CTB Talk-back System
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